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      ASGC is committed to being a responsible partner and our corporate responsibility program focuses on the four pillars of Workplace, Community, Environment, and Youth & Thought Leadership.

      ASGC also believes in playing its part in encouraging the wellbeing and development of its employees, dedicating to hosting events and initiating programmes throughout the year.

      Our positive actions within these sectors will continue to leave a positive impact for the next generations.


      • Employee Development and Career Progression- Impactful Communication and Leadership Development
      • Healthcare & Wellness
      • Employee Social Activities
      • Stress Management Sessions
      • Meditations sessions

      ASGC Cricket Cup

      Dubai Fitness ChallengeDubai Fitness Challenge

      Iftar Event


      • Responsible Builder of Projects with High Importance for the Community
      • Philanthropy Relationships

      Etihad Museum - The Story of the Beginning

      Ramadan Care PackagesRamadan Care Packages

      Mohammed Bin Rashid LibraryMohammed Bin Rashid Library

      Youth & Thought Leadership:

      • Forums, Conferences and Support of Educational Organizations
      • Internship Programs
      • Excellence Awards: ASGC Kids

      ASGC Students Excellence Award, Heriot Watt University, Dubai


      AUD’s JEEL Team Support & Sponsorship at the Solar Decathlon Middle East

      Excellence Awards - ASGC Kids

      Excellence Awards - ASGC Kids


      • Sustainable Building & Technology
      • Re-Use & Recycle
      • Environmental Campaigns

      Cleanup Campaign

      Clean Up Campaign


      EC3 Project LEED Platinum Certified

      Earth Hour

      Earth Hour

      Events calendar