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      Bluewaters is an iconic new destination from Meraas Development that blends waterfront living with the exhilaration of urban city life. Bluewaters will also be a shoppers’ paradise with close to 200 retail and dining concepts, connected to the shore by a multi-mode transport system providing ease of access to and from the island.


      ASGC, in joint venture with Kier, was awarded the construction of all residential buildings on Bluewaters Island, the iconic new development from Meraas. The project comprises ten highend residential buildings, which will sit alongside the world’s tallest Ferris wheel, and a range of commercial and retail developments.

      Building Construction Company UAE | Main Contracting Company Bluewaters Island
      Building Construction Company UAE | Main Contracting Company Bluewaters Island



      Key facts

      • Description: Residential buildings
      • Client: Meraas Development
      • Consultant: Mirage
      • Location: Bluewaters Island


      • ASGC HQ UAE
      • Business Bay, Bay Square, Building 13
        P.O. Box 13164, Dubai, UAE

      • Phone Number: (+971) 4 4258000
        Fax Number: (+971) 4 4258060