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      Dubai Harbour Cruise Terminal comprises two cruise terminal buildings connected by approximately 900 meters long bridge. This project will enhance Dubai’s global standing as a world-class business and leisure tourism destination. The terminals are designed to accommodate the largest cruise ships and offer complete luxury with entertainment, leisure and retail offerings. The cruise terminal is located in the Dubai Harbour at Dubai Marina, offering picturesque view of the beautiful skyline, Ain Dubai, Skydive Dubai and BlueWaters Island.


      ASGC is the main contractor for this iconic project in the transport sector of the UAE. It will drive the transformation of Dubai into a fully integrated maritime tourism hub.

      Social Infrastructure Projects | Dubai Harbour Cruise Terminal
      Social Infrastructure Projects | Dubai Harbour Cruise Terminal



      Key facts

      • Description: 2 terminal buildings + 1 central utility complex + connection bridge
      • Client: Shamal Development LLC
      • Consultant: Dar Al Handasah
      • Location: Dubai Harbour


      • ASGC HQ UAE
      • Business Bay, Bay Square, Building 13
        P.O. Box 13164, Dubai, UAE

      • Phone Number: (+971) 4 4258000
        Fax Number: (+971) 4 4258060