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      The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library embodies rich history of cultures and civilizations and is a distinctive cultural landmark in which education, culture and tourism intertwine. The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library has a unique shape of an open book.


      The 54,000 square meter development includes a 500-seat theatre, is located along beautiful Dubai Creek Banks in Al Jaddaf and is overlooking Dubai Creek Harbour. The Library has more than 4.5 million books, 1 million audio books and 2 million e-books. It includes several areas for interaction, events, activities, educational and cultural festivals. MBR Library is aiming to achieve LEED Platinum rating.


      ASGC is the main contractor for this cultural landmark and the scope of work included civil, MEP and associated infrastructure works.

      MBR Library | UAE Construction Company
      MBR Library | Social Projects Construction Companies in Dubai


      Social Infrastructure

      Key facts

      • Description: Main Library Building and Associated Facilities
      • Client: Dubai Municipality
      • Consultant: ACG
      • Location: Al Jaddaf, Dubai


      • ASGC HQ UAE
      • Business Bay, Bay Square, Building 13
        P.O. Box 13164, Dubai, UAE

      • Phone Number: (+971) 4 4258000
        Fax Number: (+971) 4 4258060